Stone and Lime Historic Restoration Services | PROJECTS


  • Location
    Dry Tortugas National Park, FL
  • Client
    National Park Service
  • Project Size
  • Dates
    10/2020 - 06/2022
  • Architect
    Charles Lawrence, Lord Aeck Sargent
  • Project Manager
    Matthew Kutch (303-548-8429)
  • Scope Of Work
    Lighthouse disassembly; lighthouse treatment; lighthouse reinstallation; salvage and conserve cast iron and wrought iron; high performance corrosion resistant finishes applied to all lighthouse components.


Stone & Lime Historic Restoration Services currently provides conservation, repair and rehabilitation services to the National Park Service in support of the 1876 Tortugas Harbor Lighthouse, located on top of Bastion 6 at Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park. This project involves three phases: Lighthouse Disassembly, Lighthouse Treatment and Lighthouse Reinstallation. Due to the extreme conditions of the site, the lighthouse needs to be disassembled and transported to the mainland for conservation and repair. Following restoration treatment, the lighthouse components will be transported back to Garden Key and the structure reassembled in its original location. The documentation of this historic structure will begin Summer of 2020, with the delicate removal process beginning in the Fall of 2020.

All of the historic lighthouse tower fabric (cast iron and wrought iron) will be salvaged and conserved where possible. The treatment process will include the fabrication of new compatible wrought iron and cast iron components, to repair areas lost to advanced corrosion. New high-performance corrosion resistant, durable finishes will be applied to all lighthouse components.

The reinstallation will require scaffolding and repairs to the masonry of the Bastion 6 stair tower, including repointing and the setting of new anchor bolts in the masonry walls. The repaired and conserved lighthouse components will be transported back to Dry Tortugas for reinstallation in their original location on top of Bastion 6. New wood floor structure will be installed along with new wood flooring, wall and ceiling paneling. These elements will be replaced in-kind. The lantern will receive new glazing, upgraded light fixtures, a new ventilator ball and a new lightning protection system.

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