Stone and Lime Historic Restoration Services | PROJECTS


  • Location
    St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Providence, RI
  • Client
    Pariseault Builders; Owner: Peter Lofgren (617-388-4081,
  • Project Size
  • Dates
    03/2019 - 08/2019
  • Construction Manager
    Pariseault Builders
  • Scope Of Work
    Stabilize cast stone tracery, removing and reinstalling cast stone units; selective cutting and repointing; replacement of tower parapet coping stone units; resetting coping stone units.


Built in 1917, and listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, Stone & Lime Historic Restoration Services was originally brought in to assist in the stabilization of the very delicate cast stone tracery located on the exterior of the very delicate Clerestory stained glass windows. The cast stone units were removed, the wall was stabalized and the cast stone units were reinstalled while the stained glass windows remained in tact.

Once this critical area of concern was addressed, our team worked very closely Pariseault Builders, the owner and the design team to develop a detailed priority list of issues that required immediate attention throughout the church. The scope of work that was developed included selective cutting and repointing, complete replacement of the tower parapet coping stone units as well as resetting coping stone units with proper flashing in several locations, including the main entrance while the church remained fully functional through the duration of
the project.

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