Stone and Lime Historic Restoration Services | PROJECTS


  • Location
    Harvard Weld Boathouse
  • Client
    Harvard University
  • Dates
    09/03/2022 – 10/29/2022
  • Architect
    Peterson Architects, Bruner/Cott & Associates, Inc.
  • Historic Preservation Consultant
    Preservation Technology Associates, llc
  • Scope Of Work
    Rebuild Masonry Backup, Rebuild Motif, Scaffolding Modifications/Hoisting and Rigging, Engineering and Testing.


Stone & Lime Historic Restoration Services had the honor of being awarded the restoration project for the Harvard Weld Boathouse in the heart of Cambridge, MA. This architectural gem, designed by the firm of Peabody and Stearns and erected in 1907 through the bequest of George Walker Weld, holds a cherished place in history as the home of Harvard Women’s Crew.

The restoration undertaking was not without its challenges. The urgent need to repair the failing Terra Cotta over the main entry required immediate attention to ensure the safety of the building. Stone & Lime acted quickly, documenting the original work as they dismantled it. However, with only a select few companies in the U.S. capable of executing this intricate restoration, the fabrication process presented its own set of difficulties.

The original motif with its ornate details demanded nothing short of perfection. Meticulous review and comparison of drawings to the original were essential to ensure absolute accuracy in the recreation process. Thanks to the seasoned expertise of Stone & Lime’s historic preservation specialists, the project was executed with exceptional skill and efficiency, all while navigating challenging conditions.

The reinstallation phase required utmost delicacy. Each piece carried a significant importance, and the risk of breaking loomed large. With commitment to preserving the boathouse’s integrity and heritage, Stone & Lime completed the restoration in record time under very challenging conditions.

The successful restoration of the Harvard Weld Boathouse stands as a testament to Stone & Lime’s unwavering dedication to historic preservation. The boathouse now stands proudly, having regained its former glory.

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