Plymouth Meetinghouse

“I had the pleasure of working with Stone & Lime Historic Restoration Services on the $2.6 million, complete exterior restoration of the Mayflower Meetinghouse in Plymouth, MA.  The building, originally built in 1897, is both historically and spiritually significant.  Until the First Parish Church congregation joined with the Mayflower Meetinghouse project it was the oldest, continually used, spiritual site in the United States.  The turn-of-the-century stone work had suffered damage and considerable wear and tear.  The Stone & Lime Historic Restoration Services crew was amazingly attentive to detail and instrumental in developing all of the various products and materials needed to completely clean, re-point and repair the stonework.  They also acted as the General Contractor on the project and coordinated other trades, including the installation of a completely new slate roof with totally new copper flashing, scuppers, leaders and downspouts.  They administered the contract in a very thorough, careful, and well-structured approach.  They were constantly reviewing and updating critical milestone and production dates and the project ended up being completed on schedule and under budget.  I would jump at the chance to work again with Chris Dabek and his colleagues at Stone & Lime on any future project.”